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Map customer journey stages and touchpoints.

Discover how your customers interact with your brand, and find ways to improve the experience.

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Smart project management, made super easy.

Over 35,000 people worldwide trust Project Express to manage projects, at work and at home.

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Simple & intuitive planner with great ease of use.
The Project Express planner guides project planning with ease by asking simple and relevant questions about what you're attempting to set up, its timelines, and due dates for steps that you add along the way. The simplicity of it makes planning non-intimidating and easy to comprehend, and allows for such simple things as to-do lists, as well as complex, multi-staged projects. I'm really glad that the menus and controls are not convoluted and things are logically where you think they'd be! Thank you for the great app! Looking forward to future updates!


Best App to Manage Any Projects
Best App to Manage Any Projects in Professional and Personal.

Powerful motivator
To-do lists are just not enough. With this super simple app you can track the progress made on each of your projects. It feels like you actually are working towards something. I especially like the minimalist design.

Mit Project Express steuerst Du Projekte auf iPhone und iPad

Du planst einen Umzug oder willst Dich selbstständig machen? Vielleicht auch nur Dein Haus renovieren oder ein Auto restaurieren? Dann bekommst Du mit Project Express – Quick and Easy Project Management eine App für iPhone und iPad, die Dir dabei hilft, die Einzelaufgaben Deines Projektes zu erfassen, abzuarbeiten und frühzeitig zu erkennen, wo es noch hakt. Lege Milestones fest, an denen Du die Fortschritte des Projekts misst und noch fehlende Arbeitspakete identifizieren kannst, teile Dein Projekt mit Deinen Mitstreitern, so dass Ihr alle auf dem gleichen Stand seid.

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