Japanese for Beginners – 3x iOS Apps

Since 2011 – over 42,300 students have downloaded my Japanese for Beginners apps

I designed, built, got rejected from App Store Reviews team, redesigned, rebuilt, got rejected, designed again and finally approved by Apple – my first project learning how to build and manage iOS apps.

A quick reference guide for learning Hiragana and Katakana (Japanese Characters), diacritics (voiced accent marks) and digraphs (compound characters).

Ideal for students who are just starting to learn Japanese, this reference guide will help you to remember the characters. You can also practice stroke order, learn the pronunciations using flashcards and easily mark the characters you have learned to make learning easy.

A second attempt was to expand the offering to include Kanji Essentials.

A quick reference guide for learning the 1,945 General-Use Kanji officially documented by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

Ideal for students who already know Hiragana and Katakana, this learning tool will help you to:

– Remember Kanji readings (Onyomi & Kunyomi)
– View and practice Kanji stroke order
– Learn Kanji compound words
– Listen to Kanji pronunciations
– See how Kanji is used in real sentences

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