Project Express – iOS App

Since 2014 – over 35,500 downloads of my Project Express app

Available in eight languages – with Project Express, anyone can easily create and manage home and business projects on an iPhone or iPad. I designed, built, deployed and manage end-to-end this Project Management app on the Apple App Store.

Project management for home and work – with Project Express, anyone can easily create and manage projects on an iPhone or iPad. It’s quick to schedule and manage your tasks. Update the progress of your tasks at anytime away from your desk such as when you’re in a meeting or in transit.

View projects either as a list or timeline (Gantt Chart) and keep track of progress, making sure you complete all tasks on-schedule. It’s easy to share your project with others too – just swipe to export your project to PDF format to share easily with your team, executives and stakeholders.

● Easily manage projects at work or at home
● Work with multiple projects and tasks
● View tasks as a list or as a timeline (Gantt Chart)
● Quickly update the progress status of tasks
● Add detailed notes and resources to tasks
● Swipe to export in PDF format and share with others

Available in: ENGLISH, 日本語, 中文, DEUTSCH, РУССКИЙ, 한국어, FRANÇAIS, Türkçe

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