Customer Maturity Model

I managed and improved the Customer Maturity Model for IAG Challenger across Coles Insurance, SGIO and SGIC brands.

Business problem

What I did

  1. Attended Human Centred Design boot-camp to understand principles and strategies for conducting customer interviews.
  2. Developed a customer maturity roadmap with external partners (Coles Insurance) to understand customers’ needs and measure their expectations.
  3. Managed a team to strategise, plan, coach interviewers and conduct in-home customer interviews, with outputs recorded and trends reported to the wider business with actionable outcomes and recommendations.
  4. Managed a team to conduct on-site customer focus groups to uncover attitudes towards Acquisition, Retention/Loyalty and Sponsorship for SGIO brand.
  5. Coached and mentored staff on Human Centred Design principles within IAG Satellite.

Key focus areas

  1. Strategic direction and commitment
  2. Culture and management
  3. Enabling delivery
  4. Understanding customers and their worlds
  5. Experience design and development
  6. Delivery quality and assurance


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