Voice Analytics Program

I designed, implemented and managed the Voice Analytics Program for IAG Satellite.

Business problem

What I did

  1. Assessed multiple options to gain deeper levels of customer insight
  2. Researched vendor landscape for potential speech analytics providers, costing and implementation roadmap
  3. Built business proposal, including risk management for speech analytics
  4. Negotiated with senior Sales and Service Management team to prepare Proof of Concept (PoC)
  5. Negotiated with Compliance and IT and Telephony implementation mangers to install PoC software and setup basic workflows
  6. Delivered PoC reporting and potential benefits, with outsourced vendor contractors
  7. PoC successful for one business unit, I renegotiated a retainer agreement with vendor to expand services across three brands and four business units (Sales & Service / Claims / Lodgement / Outbound)


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