Change Mangement Governance

I evolved the Change Management Program, so the team could collaborate quickly, prioritise effectively and manage risks tightly.

What I did

  1. Evolved change management process from managing high-impact changes in Microsoft Project to managing medium-high impact activities in Microsoft SharePoint with management-level visibility.
  2. For the first half of the year, change pipeline was broadcast weekly to all management team.
  3. I further evolved this by managing the entire change pipeline, as well as marketing and campaign related activities by procuring a dedicated software which allows full collaboration and visibility across the entire connectnow business.
  4. Strengthened the change review, walkthrough and approval process for high-impact (pricing, product, regulatory) changes to ensure that the connectnow business has strong risk management processes and minimise human error, regulatory gaps and streamlining across retailers to minimise bugs or process defects.
  5. Managed high-profile change projects such as Telstra Onboarding and REA Group Tender and Onboarding processes with tight delivery timeframes, managing resources and mobilising the right people to deliver across all parts of the business.
  6. Always scrutinising and challenging vendor change instructions, researching legislation, regulations and negotiating processes in the best interests of the business, as well as streamlining processes.
  7. Managed vendors, alongside the Marketing Manager, supporting performance, compliance, and relationship activities.


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